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Lake Mead Jet Skiing

There are three main types of Jet Skis, or personal watercraft. These include small single person models, larger models with extended seating that can seat up to two or three people, and specially made racing models which are used for racing in tournaments by professional Jet Skiers.

The smallest Jet Skis are those made for a single person to ride. They typically have smaller engines, because they do not need to go as fast or pull as much weight as the other models, but can still achieve speeds as high as 60 miles per hour. These are best for small parties or single people wishing to enjoy a day out on the water.

The larger models made for holding more than one person have larger engines, but are usually slower than the smaller models because of the added weight. These models are great for giving children or novices rides, and for towing items such as tubes or other small flotation devices.

The last type of machine is the professional racing model. These are smaller than the multi-person models, but tend to have more powerful engines than normal, single person models. These tend to be a little bit more difficult to control and Jet Skiing with one of these is not recommended to anyone without plenty of training and experience. These preparations are necessary in order to prevent injury, whether physical or just to the rider's pride.

Lake Mead Jet Skiing

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